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Update on Bristol Airport plans: DECISION by P & R Committee

The decision on Bristol Airport's expansion plans was referred to North Somerset Council's Planning & Regulatory Committee (P & R) instead of being made at the 3 March South Area meeting which many of you attended.

The P & R meeting which will be held on:
24 May, 2pm, Weston Town Hall.
Once again we are asking you to attend if you possibly can, despite the awkward timing.
Doors open about 20 minutes before - if you want a seat in the main chamber it is best to get in early!

To recap: The councillors at the South Area meeting did recommend passing the application with a cap of 10 million passengers and the officers conditions as they stand. They proposed asking the Secretary of State to consider the climate change impacts.

Since then we have been in discussions with the officers but will not know what changes they have made to the conditions until next week. We are expecting the updated officers' report next week and will update you again then when we know what it says.

Our stance: In the meantime we are still arguing for the application to be turned down, particularly in light of the recent High Court Ruling on expansion plans at Heathrow. This ruled that because the Government's 2003 aviation policy did not fully take into account the effects of climate change, it is not compatible with the Climate Change Act 2008, effectively making the 2003 policy obsolete. The government's 2003 policy has been used by North Somerset Council to set its own planning policies regarding the airport. However, if the 2003 policy no longer stands in law, then we believe Bristol Airport's planning application must go back to the drawing board.

If North Somerset Council were to pass this planning application, we continue to argue that passenger numbers should be capped at 8 million (not 10 million) until road infrastructure and public transport improvements are made and until it is clear that climate change targets can be met.

If you want to contact the councillors on the P & R Committee with your concerns, their details are as follows:;;;;;;;;;;;;;
We suggest you also copy your comments to: