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100 months

Bristol City Council: "serious concern" about Bristol Airport expansion plans

Bristol's first Green Party councillor Charlie Bolton proposed a motion at the Council meeting on September 12th.

The amended wording reads as follows:

"This Council recognises Bristol International Airport as part of the essential infrastructure of Bristol as a European city and additionally recognises the key role of the airport as a generator of economic growth and high quality employment in the Bristol sub region, the South West region, and especially its potential for supporting the regeneration of South Bristol.

"However, Bristol City Council in line with its commitment to the Nottingham Declaration which requires 60% cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, recognises that significant expansion of aviation will make this target impossible and therefore requests that the Leader of Council writes to the Airport Authority and other relevant agencies/bodies expressing serious concern and requesting that every reasonable effort is made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and that the proposal to expand the Airport must demonstrate that significant and far-reaching improvements in public transport for Airport customers are secured by the Airport. Any plan for expansion should minimise any increase in congestion and noise pollution suffered by residents in the Bristol area. The polluter should be held accountable for the pollution generated, which can be achieved by changes to EU wide taxation policies. In the light of rising oil prices, climate change and widespread national concern over airport expansion, an economic assessment of the viability and potential benefits of airport expansion in the future should be conducted.

"Because significant control of aviation pollution is beyond the influence of a single airport, the bodies to be contacted must include the Department of Transport, local MPs, North Somerset Council, the Regional Assembly, South West Regional Development Authority and Bristol International Airport. This will also help to minimise the risk of restrictions to the expansion of Bristol International Airport causing displacement of the problem to other airports."

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