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Stop Bristol Airport Expansion! (SBAE) is an alliance comprised of the following groups:

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100 months


In December 2007, BIA applied to build a massive "walkway" more than 4 times as long as the existing terminal under permitted development rights (the same rights that allow you to make minor alterations to your house without planning permission).

SBAE campaigned against this and North Somerset council agreed with us that this huge development would increase capacity and have significant environmental impacts, and was an attempt to avoid proper planning controls. But were BIA willing to accept this resounding "no"?

Now they are applying for an even more arcane judgment called a CLOPUD (Certificate of Lawful Proposed Use or Development) which would allow them to build the walkway without fear of enforcement action from the council. This would avoid all forms of planning control, would prevent the public having a say, and would allow the airport to expand without ever stating what impacts it would have upon the environment.

If you feel that this is an abuse of the planning system, then please email with subject "Objection: 08/P/2149/LDP" and make points that this is an attempt to side-step planning controls, ignores a clear decision made by councillors, is not covered by any envionmental assessment and yet will have significant impacts, and that the walkway is clearly part of the full expansion and should therefore be applied for as part of the planning process for the full expansion.

More about the CLOPUD

08/P/2149/LDP Certificate of Lawfulness for the Proposed erection of a two storey building to provide a covered walkway

The above application is for the Walkway development which in May was turned down by District Councillors. North Somerset District Councillors stated at the South Area Committee meeting that a full planning application is necessary for the walkway.

BIA is applying for a formal Certificate of Lawful Proposed Use or Development known as a CLOPUD to side-step the need for a planning application.

The effect of North Somerset Council issuing this certificate is that it grants immunity from enforcement action in the future.

SBAE urge supporters to write as soon as possible to North Somerset Council stating that the Walkway development is not acceptable as it will not have gone through the democratic planning process allowed by a full application, resulting in no public consultation and avoidance of any conditions and section 106 agreements.

North Somerset Council will find it hard to refuse BIA’s application as it may lead to a costly appeal.

Please respond giving reasons such as:

  1. BIA is attempting to side-step the need for a full planning application and the democratic planning process despite the clear decision of Councillors in May
  2. BIA’s recent Scoping Report (application 08/P/1951/EIA) asks North Somerset for an opinion on the appropriateness of the previously-submitted Environmental Impact Assessment, given that BIA now wishes to grow to 10 mppa by 2016 (previously 9mppa). The Scoping Report clearly shows two walkway developments as part of the development to 2016. The Walkways are to the west and east serving an expanded aircraft apron and allowing additional aircraft stands to be accommodated. The plans in the Scoping Report provide additional evidence that the Walkway developments are integral to BIA’s expansion plans. This was the central issue when the western Walkway was discussed by NSC in May and the reason why NSC should require a full planning application and an updated Environmental Impact Assessment so that conditions can be considered.