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Stop Bristol Airport Expansion! (SBAE) is an alliance comprised of the following groups:

cpreBristol Friends of the Earth

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If you're concerned about noise from flights and flight deviations from flight paths, either to or from Bristol International Airport, and wish to complain then write to:

Mike Littleton
Community Liaison Manager
Administration Building
Bristol International Airport
Bristol BS48 3DY

Or email:

Or call the BIA direct noise line:

01275 473799

Leave your name and contact details so that BIA can investigate and then respond to your complaint and give as much clear information about the flight as possible, for example the type of aircraft and whether departing or arriving and, especially, the time of the incident.

Also, keep your Parish Council informed or ring direct to the noise department of your local authority.

Or contact the Civil Aviation Authority and lodge a complaint

Details are on the CAA's website. Follow the link on the left to "Making a report to the CAA"