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Stop Bristol Airport Expansion! (SBAE) is an alliance comprised of the following groups:

cpreBristol Friends of the Earth

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100 months

Airport expansion could be delayed

A motion recommending the delay of expansion at Bristol International Airport (BIA) was passed by North Somerset Council at the Strategic, Planning and Economic Development (SPED) special meeting held on December 20th. It is strongly welcomed by us.

The special meeting of the council’s planning and economic development policy and scrutiny panel agreed to recommend that BIA’s expansion should be delayed until an independent assessment of BIA’s plans had been carried out. Five aspects of BIA’s Master Plan were pinpointed for independent investigation:

  1. Surface access (ie how people reach the airport), transport and parking issues
  2. Environmental factors including, climate change, pollution and the effect of expansion on biodiversity
  3. Employment and economic benefits
  4. Phyiscal changes ie the airport’s own building such as a new hotel etc
  5. Government policy constraints

SBAE spokesman, Jeremy Birch said: “We are delighted with this recommendation. This is the first time the airport’s expansion has been debated in public and we really welcomed the opportunity for the exchange of views that took place.

“We trust that the North Somerset councillors will honour this recommendation when the airport’s plans go before the Council’s crucial planning and regulatory committee on 18 January.”

Who to contact

To make sure NSC implements these recommendations, please lobby your councillor.
Find your councillor on the North Somerset Council website

We also strongly encourage you to lobby the key people below. This can be done by emailing them individually or writing to them at this address:

North Somerset Council,
Somerset House,
Oxford Street,
BS23 1TG

Elections in North Somerset will be in May.
Please make your views known to Councillors.

Key Individuals

Mr Graham Turner

Chief Executive.
Responsible for North Somerset Council and its Officers. Mr. Turner is a key figure in giving direction to North Somerset Council. He needs to know that we are unhappy with the counsultation being run by his officers.

Cllr Alan Hockridge

Leader of Council

Cllr Roz Willlis

Chair of Council

Cllr Debroah Yamanaka

Responsible for the Environment

Elphan Ap Rees

Chair of SPED.

Clive Webb

Vice-Chair of SPED

Bob Bateman

Write C/O North Somerset Council

Peter Burden

Mark Canniford

Write C/O North Somerset Council

John Clark

Write C/O North Somerset Council

David Shopland

Write C/O North Somerset Council

Andy Wright

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