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SBAE Objection to Application 07/P/3214/PAI

Date: 13 January 2008

Dear Sir,

This objection is on behalf of Stop Bristol Airport Expansion (SBAE)

1) Although the application is put under Part 18 of the General Permitted Development Order of the Town and Country Planning Act, SBAE strongly believe that this is an abuse of the relevant sections because:
a) section A4 states quite clearly that such an application only applies if :
"A.4 Development falls within this paragraph if—

(a) it is urgently required for the efficient running of the airport, and
(b) it consists of the carrying out of works, or the erection or construction of a structure or of an ancillary building, or the placing on land of equipment, and the works, structure, building, or equipment do not exceed 4 metres in height or 200 cubic metres in capacity."

The plan falls foul of section (b) ie it is more than 4 metres high and has a volume greater than 200 cubic metres, and Order is quite clear that this needs to be obeyed in addition to the operational efficiency requirement.

We further believe clause (a) is not fulfilled as this is in fact an expansion of terminal capacity to enable an increase in passengers due to the airport touting for new routes, and is not for the urgent efficiency of the airport at existing customer volumes.

2) this plan significantly increases terminal capacity through the addition of satellite lounges distributed along the walkway - it is not just a corridor. This is again to enable a larger number of passengers and yet BIA has not submitted any supporting information to assess the impacts of these additional passengers in terms of noise, traffic, climate change emissions, low level air pollutants or negative economic impacts - despite their promise to do so after North Somerset's criticisms of the Airport Master Plan

3) this extension has not been covered or assessed in the Master Plan or any of the impact assessments associated with it, nor has it been consulted upon. As there was evidently a considerable amount of public opposition to the contents of the Master Plan, and North Somerset Council itself queried the completeness and validity of its contents, it is outrageous that the aims of the Master Plan should be delivered without any opportunity for full public examination of the impacts.

4) Despite BIA's assurances that not only would no plans be hidden in holiday periods but also that all applications would be delayed until at least Spring 2008, this application went in on 18th December and was not visible to the public until 7th January. This is again against the spirit of public consultation and a demonstration of a lack of good faith.

5) any argument that this plan has environmental benefits is untrue - it may reduce the use of busses but it is designed to increase the total flights and passengers - the emissions from flying extra passengers hundreds or thousands of miles is many times higher than the current emissions to drive the existing passengers a few metres to a plane.

SBAE strongly suggest that North Somerset Council reject this request for permission as it blatantly violates the conditions for permitted development and also fails to satisfy the conditions laid down by the council after the consultation on the Master Plan in early 2007

Yours faithfully

Jeremy Birch
Stop Bristol Airport Expansion (SBAE)

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